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Custom Knives by Marvin Winn

George Pekema
George Pekema

My name is George Pekema and I am a sportsman. I require just a few items that I must have on any hunt, an extremely accurate rifle, the best optics and of course, a very functional and extremely sharp custom knife.

I have used many custom knives in the past, but that has changed as of late. I caught wind of a custom knife maker out of Frisco, Texas, Marvin Winn of Max Cutter Custom Knives. I acquired one of his knives and have used this knife for gutting, skinning and caping of Trophy Big Game.

My Max Cutter Custom knife is the best looking, most functional and the ultimate in sharpness. The edge retention is phenomenal. I recommend and endorse his knives.

Marvin will be making me a new custom knife again very soon, because I demand the best. Trophy Hunts are not getting any cheaper and I require a knife that can stand up to the rigors in the field.

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